Hong Kong In The 60s’ Christopher Greenberg contributes a gloriously beautiful mix of new age and cosmic synth hypnagogic hazes, exclusively for Diskotopia.

Over the last couple of years there has been a veritable flood of interesting new synthesizer-based music. Much of this takes its inspiration not from the cosmic Eurodisco of Giorgio Moroder, nor from the baroque electronics of the Berlin School. Rather, these new artists look to the forgotten and often-derided music of New Age artists and obscure television composers for inspiration.

As well as reviving interest in music and musicians long considered beyond the pale, this new wave of synth music is notable for originating mainly in the lo-fi/noise underground. These artists have put aside the constant thirst for technological advancement of much recent electronic music, choosing instead to use antique equipment and outdated recording processes.

This new cosmic synthesizer music is arguably best exemplified by Ohio band Emeralds and Oneohtrix Point Never, the solo project of NY’s Daniel Lopatin. Both have recently released albums on Editions Mego, indicating that this style of music has achieved some degree of acceptance and support amongst the upper echelons of experimental electronica.

Likeminded artists such as Caboladies in the US, and Stellar OM Source in Europe are following a loosely similar path, using the sonic and visual signifiers of New Age music, whilst conveying a new, altered vision of the past and what it means to us now. The old technology and imagery these musicians use both evoke past associations and, removed from their original context, take on new and ambiguous meaning.

Christopher of HK60s has transfused and conglomerated a mosaic mix of several current artists, and some of the older music that may or may not have influenced them. We hope you enjoy it!


  1. Oneohtrix Point Never - Behind The Bank
  2. Vangelis - Dr. Tyrell’s Owl
  3. Emeralds - Diotima
  4. Suzanne Ciani - The Eighth Wave
  5. Caboladies - Specular Tea
  6. Harold Budd/Brian Eno - Their Memories
  7. Mist - Heaven Mist
  8. Michel Genest - Angel Presence
  9. Raglani - Rivers In
  10. Michael Stearns - Something’s Moving
  11. Stellar OM Source - Lux Refulget
  12. Jon & Vangelis - Italian Song

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Posted 2010-10-05 under mix

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