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  1. Stucco Swim
  2. Said Situation
  3. School Slide

Diskotopia are proud to announce the debut release from Serifu, entitled Stucco Swim. Although a new name in the industry, what is certain is that this entrance places itself firmly in and outside the realms of modern electronic music as we know it.

There is a truly singular vision at work here which is hard to pin down: kaleidoscopic imaginations of club paradigms and funk grooves, envisioned through an approach to composition that is as much a fundamental disintegration of dance music keystones, as it is a construction of fresh bracing parallels.

Stucco Swim is the first introduction to Serifu’s sonic stimulus and it sounds like a Rubix Cube’s descent down a flight of stairs rigged with synthetic booby traps. Gurgling drums and persistent yet skewed percussion intertwine a potpourri of shredded vocal chants, jungle bass hits, laser smudges, washed out pads and bits of otherworldly artifacts yet to be discovered. Like a new angular fusion of Mozambique and dancehall created by rhythmic splashes of paint on a chrome floor.

Said Situation is another confounded beast altogether: placing lineage to something between classic 1980s electro and a very warped vision of 90s salsa-house, while incorporating manic percussive bursts, frantic sprints of distorted electronics and earworm-induced string leads. Consider this a dance-floor anthem for b-boy perverts in the first clubs of the Mars colonies.

Concluding the release we come to School Slide, the darkest turn of events so far. Stomping kicks, fuzzy Dillinja-indebted low-end slides and queasy GM strings collide with more of Serifu’s ethereal percussion, debased vocal concoctions and unhealthy twisted arpeggios to provide a stunning conclusion to this fascinating debut release.

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