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  1. Operratorr
  2. Platinuum
  3. And You Kno

Diskotopia co-owner BD1982 eases the transition from the sweltering summer heat of the Greeen Linez Izu King Street album to a brisk and concise single in the form of Operratorr. The three tracks represented here were built with an immediacy reminiscent of BD1982’s Throw Shade released earlier this year on the split DSK020 EP with A Taut Line.

Taking initial cues from a classic smooth slice of R&B, Operratorr whirs into gear sounding like a lost cut from The New Dance Show in an alternate universe. A taut synth lead cuts through intrepid percussion and dubwise dynamics forming a spiralling maze ready for the most discerning soundsystem. The last third of Operratorr switches gears by dialing down the proceedings to a head-nod crawl; giving a glimpse into a throwed wormhole caused by the former’s collapse.

Platinuum is inspired as much by BD1982’s long appreciation of soundsystem culture and UK garage as it is informed by classic Metroplex material. This club-ready exercise in dynamism is bolstered by a ready-to-jack kick and hi-hat combo, rolling bassline and chunky arpeggios. Add a disembodied ganjaman chant to the mix and you’ve got a peak-time draw for eternity.

Taking cues from labelmate Myakkah, BD1982 closes out with the squashed warehouse soul of And U Kno. Percussive, driving and saturated are some ways to describe the hybrid funk percolating off concurrent elements within. It basically sounds like a forgotten dubplate taped off a time-travelling pirate radio station broadcasting between New York 1994 and London 2005 then re-edited for the global descendents of Afrika Bambaataa’s Zulu Nation.

DSK025 by A Taut Line

Izu King Street by Greeen Linez