Artwork by A Taut Line

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  1. Bamboo Holography
  2. Freeze Roll

Following up the critically acclaimed sophomore Greeen Linez album Izu King Street with bandmate Chris Greenberg, Diskotopia co-owner A Taut Line returns with a mind-melting solo single release to round out 2014. Ahead of his follow up to the widely­ acclaimed Nitriding Portrait album released last year, Matt Lyne presents two incredulously deep, detailed and dancefloor ready burners for the global club­minded community.

Bamboo Holography is drenched in the exotic Fourth World humidity that has become a staple of A Taut Line’s work, takes us to an entirely new land with barely any trace of a passport stamp. Ethereal biology video pads ascend and recline through a tribal percussive workout; the pan Afro-Asia shrill winds of nature coinciding with a mechanical presence being brought to the forefront during a peak-time, hands-in-the-air moment. This is 1984, 1993 and 2020 at the same time in the very early hours of the morning and you’ve just crossed the line into a Twilight Zone warehouse rave of another continent in another world altogether.

Freeze Roll is a churning, insistent boogie freakout reserved for the listeners of days future past. A multimedia mélange of whirlwind b-­boy & b-­girl battle images meld with ever shifting quantized arpeggios as wormhole­-laden 707 transcendental rhythms provide a rock solid ocean floor for the otherworldly chats accenting the proceedings in a particularly fine style. File next to that broken cassette with recordings of your cousin mucking about on a Voyetra over the top of early French house 12”s played at the wrong speed.

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