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  1. Frank Pike
  2. Antes Éramos
  3. Flash Fashion Design
  4. Grito da Revolta

Diskotopia is proud to kickstart 2015 with an incendiary four-track EP from Lisbon born, London based João Pimenta aka Silvestre.

With a remix on Photonz label One Eyed Jacks under his belt, the Frank Pike EP is Silvestre’s proper debut release and is an arresting, sparse, driving yet soulful work. The four tracks that comprise the Frank Pike EP work together in communicating how Silvestre relates to his personal environment, friends, conquests and emotions through subversive kaleidoscopic electronics.

Frank Pike can best be equated as the sound of a restart button being pressed during a starcraft launch initiation sequence in the middle of a dystopian urban wasteland. Heavily modulated filters catch tails of mid-century jazz distorting over radio waves; insistent pads writhe, rise and drone; an undercurrent-swept rhythm tethering a line to uncertain sanity.

Proceedings cool off with Antes Éramos, a love letter of sorts employing disassociated vocal chops and smoked out pads in a seductive yet menacing manner. Hydroponic house grooves for the late night R&B clubs of another time to reminisce, romanticize and realign with the star systems.

The energy of Flash Fashion Design is undeniable, as is the biting social commentary in which it draws inspiration from. Soundsystem ready, minimal and crisp; Silvestre dives into a lush cacophony of dread-laden, Detriot-indebted workouts between the groove.

Directly translated as revolt scream, Grito da Revolta pulls no punches and gets down to brass tacks. Waves of crackling distortion ebb and flow like an ocean set aflame; deep space echoed arpeggios vie for a last chance at being received through the void; cold yet calculated percussion deliver a subatomic weight meant to move mountains.

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