Artwork by A Taut Line

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  1. ​CCCP
  2. ​Downloading
  3. ​Itsnotaboutcomputers
  4. ​Make_me_juice
  5. ​Virtual Race

Following the recent release of Places, an LP under his critically-acclaimed Pixelord alias, Diskotopia welcomes Alexey Devyanin as Computer Graphics with the CCCP EP.

Devyanin explains that he was inspired by Soviet social and science films, animations and cassette tapes from an era long gone when assembling this EP. Feeling like a mixtape recorded on reel to reel then broadcast as rogue signal across vast continents, the subtitles of the CCCP EP form a gauzy world view lens; one skewed and saturated by feelings of joyful dread that encompasses the technological world of both our past, present and future.

CCCP hazes into view like a time capsule opened for the first time and the dust which it brings. AM radio synths wash over bedroom percussive stanzas; a pulsating bassline tugs at nerves thought lost in the forming fog of recognition.

The digi-tribalist rhythms of Downloading are undeniable and certainly capable of shaking both frigid databases and sweltering dancehalls alike to their core. This particular transmission sounds as if an android repurposed the Diwali riddim for an underwater Casio SK-1 drum circle.

Itsnotaboutcomputers is perhaps the most introspective offering: low-slung but persistent drums accompany ascension-inducing synthesizer flourishes; a narrator giving insight to another time and state of being just out of reach.

Next up it’s heads down in the dance business with Make_me_juice as disemboweled arpeggios swirl over a broken garage shuffle; post-junglist bass drops round out the proceedings and by this point we’ve started to speak new languages.

Virtual Race excels at reconfiguring and restating the themes of the CCCP EP with a perfect cacophony of elements in which Computer Graphics operates at such full functionality. Dubbed out and punishing; here are those of lost hours in a field at 3AM, a reused bunker during peak time proceedings or even in the back of car at twilight just as the transmissions cease for the evening.

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