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  1. ​Spatial
  2. ​Physical
  3. ​O​beah Mirrors
  4. ​R​otary Drive (Myakkah Edit)

Proceeding into the fall from a sweltering summer last inhabited by the epic Greeen Linez album The Calm, Diskotopia co-­head BD1982 offers a 4­ track EP titled Salience as a mood-­altering supplement.

The material here was inspired by the various neurophysical responses to environmental stimuli in everyday situations. BD1982’s sonic manifestation of this particular exploration of self is an organic progression from where last year’s Operratorr EP left off although new horizons are subtly breached and expanded upon in a skewed fashion befitting the Diskotopia lineage.

The fluttering synths which open Spatial set an affable tone that carries throughout the proceedings even as a weighted bassline drags the journey into full subterranean depths. Spatial is what would arise on a spliced tape reel recorded during a twenty-­four hour bashment rave held in a Nordic techno club during the darkest light of winter months.

The broken pulsating funk of Physical presents a psychedelic turn of the corner in the mind’s eye. Traces of tribal percussion find themselves intertwined with phased Moog phrases and fused with Akai-indebted pattern formations. Physical manifests as a soundtrack to windmill routines at a b­-boy battle held miles above the Bronx on a helicarrier made from obsolete Yamaha keyboards in an alternate version of 1996.

There’s an undeniable aura of dread in the midst of Obeah Mirrors. A ghostly shell of garage slinks and slides around bursts of electricity that accentuate an incessant drive of mutated arpeggios. Running Obeah Mirrors in fine style is sure to cause trace trans­dimensional hieroglyphs to appear on the walls of any establishment in which it is unleashed.

Myakkah finds his way back to Diskotopia by way of a sensual edit of Rotary Drive. A lived-­in quality waxes the bloodshot lens here, lending the mind to wander to past days of loves both won and lost to the ether. Knocking kicks and agile claps tether a bubbling lead to a saturated body leaving the senses to take over mind, body and soul in a warehouse sense of salience.

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