Artwork by A Taut Line

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  1. Arclight UV
  2. Miracles
  3. Maglev
  4. One

Returning with a follow-up to his kaleidoscopic mini-LP Decades Tempest, released earlier this year, Diskotopia co-founder Brian Durr offers up the Arclight EP, four brand new arresting tracks under his BD1982 moniker. A lot more than just an expanded cadence to the full-length, here BD1982 builds on and evolves his unique brand of MPC-indebted warehouse soul and delves further into salient juxtapositions of various movements including - but not limited to - broken beat, new wave, industrial, dub and pop.

Opener Arclight UV is a choice cut of sci-fi soul promptly obliterated with a cascade of jolting heavyweight percussion. The tight machine funk of Miracles shudders with its packed to the brim coltish energy. In Maglev, we are presented with a new kind of negative-zone dancehall propelled by heaving and glistening rhythms patterns that tear up the lino flooring. One closes the EP with lush buoyant synthesizer drones that congeal into a running stream of plasticized tribal percussion and robotic meditations on finding love in the age of an imminent global-scale meltdown.

  • Release: 2018-09-28
  • Label: Diskotopia
  • Format: Digital Download & Stream
  • Artwork by A Taut Line
  • Mastered by Nick Barron

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