Artwork by Matt Lyne

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  1. Equatoria
  2. Northern Jewelled
  3. Body Formations
  4. Divination Call
  5. Vorimba
  6. Low Earth

Diskotopia is proud to present the self-titled EP from Sense of Sense, the debut collaborative project of label founders A Taut Line and BD1982. Although the two artists have been running Diskotopia for 10 years now, this is the first time they have properly written and produced music together, making this release even more exciting. This first EP traverses genres in similar ways to the solo work of both Tokyo-based producers, but here the clashes of ideas and approaches create a unique and strikingly erratic sound. There is a thematic thread of hedonistic psychedelia explored through these 6 tracks, in addition to a clear disregard for conformity to a given trend that exemplifies what Diskotopia has been about as a label since 2010.

The release opens with the murky fourth-world tribalism-funk of Equatoria, a fractured broken-beat percussion excursion lined with intoxicating gamelan rhythms and vaporous flute passages. Northern Jewelled imbues a techno-arachnidan DNA, winding disparate elements of percussion, Central-Europe string melodies, and dub-infused circuitry into a network of different textures across a motorik base. Body Formations fuses shades of Latin freestyle, filter house, and new jack swing into a fractal dance-routine workout. Divination Call is a skewed hack of asymmetric hip hop; a disembodied loop is micro-surgically interwoven between the threads of head-rush pads and bamboo breaths, served over a deviant batch of juddering drums and numbing bass. The spoken-word gothic aria Vorimba hovers and unfolds synthetically on itself in an operatic Andes-expedition fashion before the circle is closed with the heads-down thump n’ crush of Low Earth’s seismically expansive avant-rock space-disco freakout. Disjointed, hallucinatory, and perfect for bedsit-bound flashbacks of throwing crooked shapes on empty dancefloors.

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