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  1. March 12th Street
  2. Palm Coast Freeway
  3. Courtside Daydreams
  4. Hibiscus Pacific
  5. Fantasy Glide
  6. Cubic Mentality
  7. City Cell 1
  8. Forgotten Shores
  9. City Cell 2
  10. Knowledge (feat. Awa)
  11. Frisk
  12. Lift Off

Greeen Linez is a collaboration between Chris Greenberg (from the British electronic pop band Hong Kong In The 60s) and UK-born/Tokyo-based DJ/producer A Taut Line (aka Matt Lyne, co-founder of the Diskotopia label). The project combines the ‘90s dance music and R&B that soundtracked Chris and Matt’s childhoods with the ‘70s/’80s jazz-funk and synthesizer soundtracks that they have obsessed over in the years since. All of this is filtered through the cocktail of retro pop, fusion and supermarket muzak that Matt has been exposed to during his time in Japan. Following last year’s self-titled EP on Diskotopia, as well as remixes for Mau’lin (also on Diskotopia), Darkhouse Family (on Earnest Endeavours) and BD1982 (on B.YRSLF Division), Things That Fade is the debut full-length release from Greeen Linez. The album is a cinematic journey through a fantasy world of music, both familiar and unreal, and as perfectly suited to bedroom dreamers as it is to nightclub dancers.

  1. March 12th Street: A mood-setting opener recalling Isaac Hayes via early Massive Attack. Swooning strings and tinkling piano reverberate, as velvet drapes part and the opening titles roll
  2. Palm Coast Freeway: The low-slung sunshine groove that first started garnering attention for Greeen Linez. Featured on XLR8R and used as the opening track in California DJ/producer Salva’s Fader Mix in January
  3. Courtside Daydreams: A breezy swing-beat stroll through city streets, faint echoes of late-period Quincy Jones productions and ‘90s basketball films lingering in the back of your mind
  4. Hibiscus Pacific: A vision of island paradise, yacht party cocktails under the stars and a tropical dream cruise into eternity
  5. Fantasy Glide: The tempo rises as night takes hold, a teenage dream of Parisian decadence (as informed by Zdar and de Crécy) drives the nocturnal quest for glitter-balls and champagne
  6. Cubic Mentality: A tribute to the unique melting pot of early UK dance music. A gathering of the tribes in pursuit of Utopia, lasers scythe the steam rising from bodies on the dance-floor
  7. City Cell 1: Welcome Tokyo night, the urban future now. A moment’s peace, but is it the calm before the storm or tranquility found in the midst of frenzied and relentless activity
  8. Forgotten Shores: Awaking confused on a remote beach, waves lap on the sand and a breeze caresses your hair, but uncertainty lies beyond the endless blue horizon
  9. City Cell 2: Gazing out from floor-to-ceiling windows, the lights of the megalopolis stretch out below, like virus patterns slowly engulfing the hills and forests
  10. Knowledge (feat. Awa): A spare and spooked lament, informed by the 70s loner soul of Shuggie Otis et al and laced with stinging leads from the young Japanese producer and guitarist Awa
  11. Frisk: Another Gallic-tinged night-drive, this time through a mythic America of sleeping strip-malls and skyscrapers, accompanied by the ceaseless murmurs of FM R&B radio
  12. Lift Off: A Japanese fusion/groove fantasy to close the album. Otherworldly atmospherics blend with crystalline DX7 funk, a sense of melancholy bliss that perfectly sums up the obsessions and intentions of Greeen Linez.

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