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  1. In The Soil
  2. Dramas
  3. Puddle
  4. Suminareta

The first Diskotopia transmission of 2013 comes from Osaka-born Tokyo-based beatmaker and Cosmopolyphonic member Fujimoto Tetsuro.

A veteran of the Tokyo underground community, Fujimoto Tetsuro has been crafting his own sharp, groove- indebted hybrids of modern electronic soul for years now. Having raised both local and global awareness by contributing tracks for Aroop Roy’s Absolute compilation, Hashim B’s acclaimed LA♥JPN♥LA series, as well as his own Reflections EP released on New York based Bagpak, Fujimoto Tetsuro has immersed his sound to deeper levels of stylistic fusion with the release of Sketches Of The Other Tokyo.

Inspired by everything from nature, space and his own everyday life in Tokyo, Fujimoto infuses elements of hip hop, R&B, soul, jazz, house, UK garage and more to create a sound that although quintessentially modern-Japanese, takes the listener on an international trip at the same time.

In The Soil springs Sketches Of The Other Tokyo to life with charred pads and forlorn vocal stabs which then evolve into a soul-immersed steppers groove perfect for rain- drenched marches home from a long night out, a wet head nodding.

Dramas takes a more sensual turn as plucked guitars intertwine with bouncy drum programming as flanged chords swell and waver throughout performing a striking celestial ebb and flow. Consider this an R&B transmission to Shibuya from a lost space probe.

The unadulterated funk of Puddle is palpable with chunky slap bass tucked neatly into pockets of arpeggios, boogie riffs, synth washes and an inescapable half-step groove. The accomplished understated restraint teases the listener through kaleidoscopic smoky backstreets.

Suminareta winds up the journey with a heads-down, narcotic take of an epilogue. Chants of “home” make their way through ghostly yet warm pads, heavy but laid-back machine rhythms and an underscored sense of soul that gives an insight just what might lay in store in the Other Tokyo.

Stucco Swim by Serifu

Flex by Mr Mageeka