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  1. Bakkwaa (Digital only)
  2. Cassava (Vinyl/Digital)
  3. Writuals (Vinyl/Digital)
  4. The Ground Opens (Digital only)
  5. Casings (Vinyl/Digital)
  6. Blessed (Digital only)
  7. Blud (Digital only)
  8. Clear Walls (Vinyl only)

Diskotopia co-founder BD1982 shares his most realized work to date with Casings.

Conceived as a reductionist look at how comprehensive musical influences spanning both past and present could be dissected then reassembled into a unique stand-alone strain, the tracks that comprise Casings are a deepened exploration and evolution of BD1982’s past output which hint at new grounds yet to be uncovered in the future development of his sound. Now based back in his hometown of New Jersey, having lived in Yokohama, Kyoto, Philadelphia and New York, his output has always shown an international recognition of sound. His grime and VHS-era synth infused releases on Seclusiasis, B.YRSLF and of course Diskotopia, have proved himself to be one of a fine calibre of producers that has managed to hone his influences, into a very unique, recognizable and personal style.

Bakkwaa is as much a throwback to the sound of mid 80s digi-dancehall in the vein of Steely & Clevie as it is a stark calling card from a dystopian future. Cassava takes on a lighter carnival feel but retains the grittiness of grime’s 8-bar heyday. The syncopations and swing of Writuals maintain a dancefloor-focused velocity, giving way to flourishes of South Africa along the way.

The Ground Opens is a lumbering, breezy slice of hypnotic soundclash history which cools things off a bit. Title track Casings dives straight into a heady and synthetic gauze-laden mission statement: snapshots of elements colliding, re-assembling themselves throughout space and time, all the while guided by the words of one of the UK’s founding fathers of contemporary electronic music.

Blessed is a slow-motion ode to the rollers of Lemon D and Digital while the knock and pressure of Blud is an undeniable workout of dread pulse and ethereal percussion. Vinyl exclusive cut Clear Walls is a fully club-tested, sealed and approved concoction made up of equal parts kwaito, eski and psychedelic electronics.

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