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  1. Wrecker
  2. Tail Bone
  3. Octopus Arm

Ahead of an off-centre collaborate release scheduled for the end of summer 2014, Tender Hooks co-boss, RBMA alumni and Diskotopia mainstay Mau’lin returns from the future once again to present the next installment of his own individualistic and undeniably potent sound in the form of Wrecker. This being the third EP on Diskotopia, preceded by Function Open and Quotient, Mau’lin continues to carve out his own distinctive niche of mutated, mechanical techno. Influenced by themes within nature, Mau’lin’s stripped down execution on the tracks contained within Wrecker permeate a certain bio-mechanical feel throughout.

Wrecker percolates with an understated intensity to open this next chapter in Mau’lin’s study of the elements. Melancholic chords add bittersweet juxtaposition to a shoulder-dropping bassline, South African tinged percussion and stringed whispers from the darkest corners of the globe. The perfect opener to the alien and yet familiar journey which lies ahead.

Tail Bone creeps out the darkness like the reanimated corpse of an extinct paleolithic beast: dark-side polyrhythms, hushed snare gasps, mechanical hi-hats and dubwise bass congeal to form something truly not of this Earth yet inherently tied to it’s past. This is machine music with an organic pulse driving the circuitry. Mau’lin delivers peak time material for travelers between this and the fifth dimension as Octopus Arm goes straight for the jugular. A driving distorted sine wave pulse, jacking percussion, anti-gravity swells, disembodied divas and an incessant bounce ensure any dancefloor to be entangled this side of sunken Atlantis.

Can’t Forget by Visionist

DSK020 by BD1982A Taut Line