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  1. Littoral Psalm
  2. Bamboo Holography
  3. Stait Foreign Country
  4. Izu Kogen
  5. Care
  6. Flowt
  7. Sagami Dawn
  8. Shimoda No Odoriko
  9. Midnight Shoreline
  10. Pageturn
  11. Growth Diffraction
  12. 1oz Dry

Diskotopia founder and label co-head Matt Lyne delivers the second full-length A Taut Line album, Mutual Prints.

Picking up where 2013’s Nitriding Portrait LP left off and expanding even further abound with his unique brand of 4th World exotica, Mutual Prints is a geo continental tour of the vastly varying influences that comprise A Taut Line’s sonic palette. Proving a striking contrast to Lyne’s other output as one half of Greeen Linez, Mutual Prints is his most expansive work under the A Taut Line alias to date, with fantasy and nightmares colliding at the same momentum as the genre clashes, and Diskotopia are extremely proud to offer a glimpse into this immersive, weird and wonderful world.

The incendiary forming new age patterns of opener Littoral Psalm launches the Mutual Prints voyage straight into a disorientating cyclone leaving us washed up ashore on the tropical 4th World island of earthy roller Bamboo Holography. Stait Foreign Country leads us deeper into the undergrowth and plays like a passport page stamped from the Congo, ’80s East Harlem and Berlin concurrently. After half-awakening from the tribalist dream-sequence cypher of Izu Kogen we are found dazed and drenched in the intense fever-ridden ’90s techno & house inspired Care and subsequently slightly more euphorically, Flowt.

The kaleidoscopic Sagami Dawn, a first-light peak-top view of the ocean provides the only semblance of clarity before we’ve dived into the glistening Shimoda No Odoriko, swimming with a soul-soaked percussive bounce. Midnight Shoreline ebbs and flows the remnants of disassociated mixtape jams recorded a world away as Pageturn snaps into a multi-timbral workout of Eski progression. Growth Diffraction’s junglist footsteps sprint across an evolving gamelan landscape before yielding into the final chimerical march of 1oz Dry, a stoic and ethereal epilogue for this sweeping journey.

CCCP EP by Computer Graphics

Frank Pike by Silvestre