Artwork by Shaw at Neithercorp

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  1. ​Dreamwalker
  2. ​Asa Mist
  3. ​Family Law
  4. ​Secrets of Eden
  5. ​Clutch
  6. ​Findings ​
  7. ​Australasia ​
  8. ​First Blush ​
  9. ​The Calm Part 1
  10. T​he Calm Part 2 1​1. B​lue Tomorrow

The Calm is the third album from the duo of Chris Greenberg (from the British electronic pop band Hong Kong In The 60s) and UK-born/Tokyo-based DJ/producer A Taut Line (aka Matt Lyne, co-founder of the Diskotopia label).

Following the anthemic dance, city-pop and muzak funk of their 2012 debut Things That Fade, and their kaleidoscopic, genre-spanning work with multiple collaborators on last year’s Izu King Street, with this album Greeen Linez close ranks and journey inwards.

Inspired by the deep and introspective atmospherics conjured by producers such as Larry Heard, Future Sound Of London, Move D and Newworldaquarium, on The Calm Greeen Linez have tried to apply similar principles to their own signature sound. The album draws equally from the optimism and euphoria of Britain’s second Summer of Love, the swooning romanticism of Golden Age Hollywood and the soft-focus, impressionistic soundscapes of Pat Metheny and Mark Isham - yet all tinged with a melancholy sense of reality rarely living up to youthful dreams.

The album begins with the duo’s first excursion into beatless ambience and ends with their most ambitious tracks so far - the two-part title epic and the florid aural melodrama of Blue Tomorrow - travelling in between from hyperreal braindance to fantasy TV movie score. The Calm is an album to soothe and stimulate, encouraging both escape and contemplation, and finding sources for deep listening in unexpected places. This summer, why not let Greeen Linez soundtrack your daydreams?

Salience EP by BD1982

CCCP EP by Computer Graphics