Artwork by William Yates & Matt Lyne

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Memotone, Bristol-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer William Yates, returns to Diskotopia following his incredible Invisible Cities LP in March for a quick one-two punch snuck in before the end of the year.

Albion Dreamtime is a much more stripped-down affair from his fourth-world concept album back in spring, and swapping his cello for an MPC, Yates bangs out a killer electro-noir A-side with a brooding quality that would strongly appeal to fans of Andy Stott, Delroy Edwards, and Helena Hauff.

B-Side Left-Handed Capybara has more of a hip-swaying tropical-shuffle to it coming across like a Pat Metheny, John Herdon, and Equiknoxx collaboration.

With the two tracks on Albion Dreamtime, Memotone gives us an adeptly balanced dance-floor-ready single — equally fit for home-listening — that perfectly encapsulates the dualism of our emotions as we near the end of the year in hibernation.

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