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  2. Artificial Avalanche
  3. Enter
  4. Running
  5. THEW3ST
  6. Order of the Golden Fang
  7. Made of Light
  8. Anima Migration
  9. Glide Level
  10. Cascading Titans

We at Diskotopia are extremely proud to officially kick-start our 10th anniversary year with an exciting new LP from label co-founder BD1982. Distance Vision is Brian Durr’s most realized project from conception to completion, a sonorous work that fully encapsulates decades of listening, learning, and experimenting with disparate genres, instrumentation, and production techniques.

Inspired by the varying global cultural beliefs on life, death, and reincarnation visited in Colin Wilson’s 1971 book The Occult: A History, Distance Vision is a spiritually contemplative album that marks quite a sonic departure from the tribalist warehouse soul of Durr’s key releases to date. BD1982’s signature rhythmic sensibilities are still an important feature — thanks in part to maintaining an MPC-centered workflow — but with this release, Durr has incorporated more original vocals and live instrumentation, including zither-family kantele and psaltery.

The result is a carefully crafted sound of greater emotional depth and scope; psychedelic atmospherics of ethereal wave and shoegaze clash with industrial and classic-dub-reggae textures, all spread across a substructure of skewed proto-techno and machine-funk pulses.

This is by far the best and most complete project that BD1982 has yet to release. With its cerebral and palindromic narrative, it’s an album that exists out of a specific time or place; and although difficult to liken to any specific single release, it will appeal to fans of Arthur Russell, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Cocteau Twins, A.R. Kane, Rainer Veil, Forest Swords, Jay Glass Dubs, and Young Echo alike.

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