Artwork by Matt Lyne

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  1. I Will Always Be There For You
  2. Eel Soul
  3. Cool Autumn Day
  4. Kinsmen Sound
  5. Northern Ontario
  6. Witness
  7. Static Acid
  8. Final Wash

We are excited to further our 10th year of the Diskotopia label with Ando Laj’s magnetic album, Remember. Formerly based in Toronto, now residing in Seoul, Ando Laj first released on Diskotopia in 2019 with his EP, Isle. With this return, he brings an even more evolved palette of kaleidoscopic textures and a mutant rhythm science to paint the enticing eight windows into different worlds found across this LP.

On this 2021 full-length offering, Ando Laj serves an assemblage of grained-n-granulated circa-2000-era post-rock, hip hop, and electronica, saturated with the liquid-crystal synth timbres of lost New Age catalogues, and all reprogrammed through a mixtape-like approach to storytelling.

Remember is essentially augmented healing music, with stone-washed sci-fi soundscapes engulfing fragmented strains of ASMR for droids. But in the midst of the metaphysical relaxation, there are also moments like listening to DOOM’s Special Herbs volumes on an intense acid trip or “Mike Ladd and Brothomstates Play the Hits of Sun Araw” on a water-damaged MiniDisc player.

With its introspective and erratic mood swings, a composed yet temperate work, Remember recites passages of inimitable dialogue in an AI-rendered future language that translate perfectly for both modern ambient and experimental electronic music 2021 world stages.

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