Artwork by Matt Lyne





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  1. Yttrium
  2. Complex Bits
  3. 1000
  4. Jasdf
  5. Junctions
  6. Quizzes
  7. Slo-Seq
  8. Spoilsports
  9. Spreadable
  10. T-rex Joy
  11. Whizz
  12. XXX

The team at Diskotopia are extremely proud to present London via Tbilisi producer Sseq’s debut self-titled LP. Sseq has been honing his craft over the past several years releasing music as part of the Body Thrills duo as well as DJing and playing live at Georgian clubs and festivals before making his move to the UK.

Here on his stunning self-titled debut LP, Sseq materializes twelve abstracted and microcosmic jewels of interdimensional techno alchemy. The compositions bend and weave, flutter and spiral across synthetic textures and abstract rhythmic expressions that at once beguile and inspire.

Sseq’s sound is like an interstellar interpretation of what a sentient Buchla synth might dream of in zero gravity. RIYL Actress, Beatrice Dillon, Patten, Drexciya, Pole, and Björk-era Mark Bell productions.

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Initiation Insight by BD1982